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October 5, 2005

Samuel continues to sleep well thru the night.  We had breakfast in the hotel and met the group at 8:30 to go for medical exams.  As soon as Samuel spotted the white coats he began whimpering.  He has seen his share of doctors.  Unfortunately, he will have to see many more.  After waiting about 30 min. in the small hallway we were told to visit three different stations.  We decided to do the worst first.  It was only a physical exam, but it was traumatic.  Cole suggested we get in line for the female doctor, but she ended up being very uncompassionate.  Samuel was crying while she was trying to listen to his heart and she began yelling in Chinese.  We were pretty shocked, but he did quiet down some.  After undressing him and searching him over we were finally allowed to leave station #1.  At station #2 they checked his hearing.  He would not turn toward the sounds, but as soon as she said bye, he began waving, this satisfied her.  He perked up at the notion of leaving.  The third and final station was height and weight.  He weighs 24.6 lbs.  Jon Cole weighed that at about 1 year, I think :0) I love you big boy!


When we were finished we were free to shop on the Shamian Island. Cole tired of this quickly, claiming every store was the same.  SK and I viewed our shopping experiences differently.  We sent Cole back to our hotel on the bus and since Samuel would not go with Cole alone, the three of us stayed and shopped.  Many of you will be glad when you get your Christmas presents:) !  We had a great time strolling along and looking for as long as we liked.  We found a riverfront park and walked around for a while.  It was there that we found a few rides for Samuel to try out.  I thought this might perk him up.  He enjoyed them, but didn’t smile.  We had lunch there at a place called Lucy’s.  It was OK.  Samuel ate eggs, which is what he had for breakfast as well.  I was just happy to see him eat.  His appetite is not back yet, neither is his energy.  He hasn’t wanted to walk any the last three days.  Fortunately for us, we borrowed a stroller from the hotel.  All he has done is ride in the stroller, want to be held or rest on the bed.  I am not used to my children being this still, even if they are sick.  I continue to pray that this is just him recovering from sickness and not due to his heart condition.  It makes me wonder if we pushed him too hard the first few days.  He enjoyed every minute, but who knows.    We see the cardiologist on the 10th, and I will feel much better after I know for sure what the condition of his heart is.  I pray the Dr’s. say “what heart condition!” .


We returned to the room and found Cole in a quiet room and on the computer.  SK worked on her homework and I worked on my Christmas list and tried to figure out how to get it all home.  Samuel was asleep on the cot and woke up whimpering.  Cole went to comfort him and he slapped him on the face.  Cole was not happy!  He will allow Cole to hold him at times, but he won’t let him do anything for him: help get dressed, take to bathroom, feed, etc.  Hopefully he will come to trust Cole soon and realize how much he loves him.


SK was asked to baby-sit tonight by Becky and Mark.  Their daughter is named Sarah (we are partial to Sarah’s) and she is a doll!  We fed her and played for a few minutes in our room and then SK took her to their room to get her ready for bed.  Samuel and I went along to make sure she was ok.  SK fed her her bottle, changed her diaper and put on her PJ’s.  She then gave Sarah her special night, night blanket and put her in her crib.  Samuel and I left and she read her book until they returned.  She was so excited to have been given that opportunity.  We’ve offered to baby-sit, especially for the 3 parents who traveled alone to get their babies, but no one has taken us up on it.  I can’t imagine coming alone.  It would be very hard, to never have a break, but they have done well.


Hope you all have a wonderful day.  Three days left in China!!!!!

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