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October 3, 2005

What a night!  Samuel began vomiting around midnight and continued until around 6 am.  He was such a big boy.  He would roll to the edge of the bed and hang his head off.  Either Cole or I would run with him to the bathroom, but he wouldn’t allow Cole to comfort him.  In between vomits, he would push Cole away and want me, so Cole always ended up cleaning up the floor.  After he would get sick he would want to drink some water and within 10 minutes he was throwing it up.  This cycle took place 6-7 times.  We even hid the water and he got out of bed and went and found some himself.  He finally was able to go to sleep around 6 and slept until 2 pm.  We have an entire pharmacy here with us, but have nothing to help with his vomiting.  We brought Phenergan tablets for us, but couldn’t bring suppositories due to them needing to be kept refrigerated.  I have an antibiotic for him, but from previous dr’s visits with vomiting, they say this doesn’t help.  I of course called my favorite pharmacist, Dad, and he said I could crush up ¼ of a phenergan tablet and give it to him in some honey.  Cole was able to find some, but he was finally sleeping, so I didn’t give it to him until he woke up, around 2.  He did not like it one bit.  He even gagged on it and spit most of it out, but some must have gotten into his system because he was so sleepy and lethargic the rest of the day.  We are hoping this is from the phenergan.  Not knowing the extent of his heart condition or being able to verbally communicate with him has made me much more nervous about him being sick.  Please pray he will get well and feel better.


I was able to sleep until almost 11am.  I had told a college student who is writing on adoption, that she could come over at 11 to talk about our experience.  She has a grant from the University of Oregon and is staying in China for a little over a month.  It was a nice visit.


I then showered and we went to Starbucks! I was so excited and it tasted just as good as I thought it would.  Samuel ate a bag of dry cheerios and then slept in the stroller, so we walked around a mall next door and shopped for a little while.  We came back and had dinner at the hotel.  It was an Italian restaurant and we enjoyed it very much.  Samuel slept in my lap the whole time.  He did wake up and drink some water and ate one bite of a bread stick, but then went back to sleep.  We returned to the room and I laid him on the bed to sleep.  I began writing this post and I heard him begin to gag again, so off to the restroom we went again.  I pray this will not be another night like the last.  His little body is so thin, he needs his nutrition.  Please lift him up in your prayers.  Please also pray that we remain well and for wisdom as we care for him.

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